Get Behind the Wheel: Cute Cars on the Cheap

Summer makes everyone want to haul ass out of town for greener pastures and cooler climes. We say, refrain from all your back-to-fashion-week purchases and buy yourself one of these vintage rides instead. Each one is just as flattering as a Proenza jacket any day (and costs half as much).

1974 Karman Ghia—Molly's car from Pretty in Pink was way cuter than Andrew McCarthy—but it's still no Duckie).
1983 Mercedes SL-Class 380—In any color, the SL-Class 2-seaters are like the perfect Prada dress: cool, classy, and only cost effective on the second-hand market.
1978 Jaguar—Sex on wheels. No shit.
1993 Subaru—Sure, the mileage is through the roof, but there's something undeniably romantic about a little old wagon like this. Is it the fold down seats and long "overnighting" space? Well, duh.

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