5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 28 2011

Now that New Yorkers can get married, there's a gay marriage etiquette guide—of course. (Gawker)
Looks like someone got a case of TSA-jitters. Police found $107,000 worth of cocaine left in four pairs of sneakers. (Gothamist)
Since Lauren Santo Domingo has a lot of money, it makes sense she can get other rich people to part with theirs. Her website, Moda Operandi, just got another $10 million in funding. (The Cut)
Aww! The Queens Zoo is now home to three baby pronghorn fawns. Here's a video! (Huffington Post)
Opening Ceremony show down! Here's how NYC's OC stacks up against the L.A. version. We're pretty sure we know the answer. (The Feast)