5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 10 2010

Gawker, in a quest to take up even more of our online time, has introduced a dating service. We can only imagine the snarky a-holes that will be on there looking for love! (Gawker)
Diane Von Furstenburg takes a cue from the temperature and drops prices at the sample sale even lower. We're thinking that's one line we'll brave the cold for! (Racked)
The Museum of Art and Design is launching the Center For Olfactory Art next November. Basically it's a museum of scent, so don't wear perfume. (Gothamist)
Derek Jeter is not designing a line of clothing because he doesn't think people would buy it. Hey, not so fast, if it works for Jessica Simpson, it could work for him. (The Cut)
And he's baaaaaack. James Franco is reprising his role on General Hospital. If this is performance art, it sure has lasted a long-ass time. (Observer)