My Style: Garance Doré

The Parisian street stylist tells us the secrets to picture-perfect dressing. By Christene Barberich, Portraits by Scott Schuman/The Sartorialist
Above: Two photos of Garance taken by her boyfriend Scott Schuman/The Sartorialist.
If you're like us, you just can't get enough of street style photos. And like us, that means you probably can't get enough of Garance Doré. Her blog is a daily reminder of what great style is all about: Glamour that's effortless and a sort of chic that is more about passion than price tags. Naturally, Garance herself always looks amazing on the other side of the lens (her boyfriend, photographer Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist documents her often for his own blog). Lucky for us, her style secrets were up for grabs...
Describe your style?
"The base of my wardrobe is very simple. I love grays and blues, pants and cotton tees, and I always ALWAYS wear heels. I love shoes. I've got a thing for accessories as well. I have a lot of belts, gloves, scarves... you name it! So, I try to do simple, but always add in a striking detail to catch your attention."
Above: A photo of Garance in action, photographing Hannelore Knuts taken by Vincent Lappartient.
What are your five key wardrobe pieces, things you wear constantly?
1. "High heels. When I can, I will always go for a pair of high heels. Instant chic."
2. "Gloves. The perfect finishing touch for me, and they help me to keep my hands warm when I'm in the cold shooting."
3. "Men's pieces. From pants to shirts to jackets, I love to shop in my boyfriend's wardrobe."
4. "A white V-neck T-shirt. I usually buy them from the Gap. My most sexy item, and I love them even more when they get very old."
5. "My watch. An old Rolex my mother gave me for my 18th birthday. What a good idea she had! I love it and have been wearing it every single day since then. Without it, I feel naked!"
Above: A moodboard of Garance's favorite family photos.
What are your earliest memories of fashion? Things you loved and still do?
"My mother definitely gave me those. She was quite daring in the '80s with her Mugler, Alaïa, and Montana outfits. I would spy on her in her wardrobe where she would spend hours trying stuff on before going to the night club."
You have such an incredible eye for capturing original candid street style. What usually catches your eye first?
"The first thing that always gets me is the allure. I always try not to focus on the small details, instead seeing the whole outfit. It's only after I talk to the person that I start to get the small things, or sometimes even much later when I'm reviewing the shots on my computer."
Above: Two of Garance's favorites of her street style photos.
Do you follow designers? If so, which do you love and wear?
"The fashion weeks have just ended, and I still have vertigo from seeing so many shows! But if I had to choose, it would be Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. What he created for them is beyond definition. I just love him! My own personal style, though, is a mix of everything. I like to wear Zara as much as Yves Saint Laurent...I really like what Pilati has done."
Above: Garance working in a café, photo by Scott Schuman/The Sartorialist.
Do you find anyone particularly inspiring, living or dead, from a fashion/style perspective? Why?
"Honestly? Scott Schuman. Even before we met, his vision of fashion had influenced mine. He knows the business very well but is completely open to everything that exists outside of it, to true originality. He doesn't follow fashion, he senses it. He has a view that, in my opinion, has already changed the fashion world. But don't tell him that, we don't want him to get carried away now..."
"And also just as a human being, he inspires me. He's passionate about books, films, travel, about fashion with its many faces, be it a tailor in some forgotten back corner of Italy, the phenomena that is Marc Jacobs, or some unknown who had just come up with the perfect new way to tie a scarf. I just love him. I love that aspect about him. I love that openness."
Above: More photos of Garance on the job, taken by Scott Schuman/The Sartorialist.
Are there any trends you despise?
"I can't say. Every time I find something I don't like, I end up finding someone who wears it in a beautiful and interesting way. Fashion changes so fast that it teaches us to never say never."
What will you be wearing this spring?
"Shorts! Harem pants! My green YSL Tributes!"
Above: Garance photographed by Scott Schuman/The Sartorialist.
Do you have a favorite city to shoot in?
"I love Paris. I love it because it is chic and rock at the same time. A certain kind of deconstructed sophistication, effortless, sexy, at least for the girls. Because girls wear heels in a casual way, because they don't wear too much makeup, and because I love the color of the gray skies here. I haven't visited the whole world yet, but Paris is my home. Maybe it's not quite fair, but it will always be my favorite. Paris, je t'aime!"
Above: Two of Garance's favorite of her fashion illustratons.
Beyond your street style photography and illustration, where do you see your work as an artist going in the future?
"I'm shooting more and more editorials, and I love it. I'm also asked to style my editorials, which is extremely exciting. My blog is a huge part of my artistic life. I'm always trying to improve it, keep it going, and keep street style on the cutting-edge. I don't want street style to become some gimmick. Inspiration is everywhere, and I don't want to trap it in one format."
The Parisian street stylist tells us the secrets to picture-perfect dressing.