Get Airbrushed (In A Good Way)

Look, airbrushing's gotten a bad rap lately — particularly when it comes to issues of female body identity. Thing is, no one even uses airbrushing to make shots of models look too perfect to be believed anymore — that's all Photoshop. No, folks, airbrushing's main gig these days is making T-shirts look awesome.
To see this in practice — and pick up a little Refinery29-approved airbrush art of your own — we're inviting you down to Gap's Herald Square store (on West 34th at Broadway) this Thursday, September 5, from 6 to 8 p.m. Teaming up with our friends at Gap, FADER, Eater, and Mashable (we have great friends, right), we'll be cohosting a night of fashion and fun. On top of a 30% discount at Gap, there'll be delectable treats (from Eater, obvs), a performance by Saul Williams, Mashable's Mashforce Tweet Wall, and — thanks to us — an airbrushing station where artists will be spraying your choice of R29 designs on Gap tees. Pretty solid.
Thing is, you have to book your spot, as time, space, and tees will run out quickly. Visit here to get on the list. Oh, and if you don't happen to live in New York, check out for more hot happenings near you. Let's make airbrushing a good word again.

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