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Is Livestream Style The New Street Style? 3 Gamers Weigh In

In the year 2022, the notion that gamers are lazy and unkempt — sitting in a dark room for days at a time, empty pizza boxes strewn about the floor — is not only dated, but flat-out untrue. “There’s this stereotype that gamers never leave the house and aren't very put-together, and that’s the complete opposite of who we are,” says Krysta, a content creator and Twitch streamer known as Krystalogy. “We’ve long been teased and depicted by the media as looking sloppy, but many of us actually have an interest in fashion.”
In fact, fashion plays a bigger role in the gaming scene than ever before: a whopping 90% of Gen Z are gamers, and according to a recent panel, they’re spending the bulk of their money on fashion and video games. But it’s not just Gen Z that’s gaming. Thanks to platforms like YouTube and Twitch, the boom of content creation and streaming over the last 15 years has attracted folks of all backgrounds to the formerly predominately male world, bringing with them a wide variety of style aesthetics. There are the cosplayers, the e-girls, the kawaii girls donning many a cat-eared headset, and countless other subcategories of gamer style, making it virtually impossible to lump what constitutes a “gamer” into one single category.
Even so, there is one underlying theme that all gamer fashion subscribes to: comfort. Spend a little time on Twitch, and you’ll find that athleisure and basics like sweatpants and hoodies are just as popular among streamers as intricate costumes, yet these comfort-focused looks don’t sacrifice style in the slightest. That’s why we teamed up with Levi’s to celebrate Gold Tab — a new collection of elevated everyday essentials perfectly apt for the modern-day gamer — and dive deeper into the multifaceted world of gamer style.
Ahead, we sat down with three gamers to learn what really goes into a solid streaming ‘fit and the role that comfort plays. Keep reading to hear their thoughts and see how they style their Gold Tab favorites for a day on stream.
Take us through your journey in gaming and content creation.
“I started gaming when I was super young. My dad and aunt were into gaming, and they’d let me play from time to time. I remember playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a kid and just causing absolute chaos. When I was 14, I got inspired by YouTubers playing The Sims and Minecraft and decided to give it a shot myself — and then, somehow, I gained a following and started making money. I took a little hiatus from gaming when I first went to college, but then I realized I wasn’t really happy not creating content, so I joined Twitch when I was a sophomore and began rebuilding my following there. Once I graduated college in 2019, I was interning full-time while streaming on the side…and then the pandemic hit. That’s when I decided to see if I could make gaming work as a career. By summer 2020, I left my internship and was streaming full-time, and it’s only been going up from there.”
What fashion trends or aesthetics have you noticed among your gaming peers?
“As gamers, the goal is to be comfortable. We’re sitting down for hours on end, so it’s important to wear an outfit that’s appropriate for doing so, especially on the bottom. I can’t see myself streaming in tight leather pants all day — I need to be able to breathe! I see a lot of other gamers dressing in athleisure basics like hoodies, but it can also get really hot around gaming equipment like PCs, so basic T-shirts and comfy shorts are also big. Personally, I tend to wear shorts when I stream because it’s a lot easier on my body temperature, and the Gold Tab Sweatshorts have become a new staple in my gaming outfit rotation.”
You’ve spoken out about how untrue the typical “gamer” stereotype is. How are you personally working to shift what comes to mind when people think of gamer fashion?
“Most of us don’t fall into that dated gamer stereotype — we’re not sloppy; we’re cute. Personally, I love to wear styled looks when I’m streaming, especially since I don’t go out too much. Showing my clothes off on stream is my way of expressing myself. But I think just by showing up in the outfits I find fun is how I’m actively dispelling that image.”
What are your favorite things to wear when you stream?
“It really just depends on my mood for the day. I try to wear something that feels put-together; an Instagram-worthy outfit. I find that it helps improve my confidence and energy while I stream. But my personal style can vary — some days I may dress super girly or preppy, others I may try to dress on theme with whatever game I’m playing. When I want to feel super confident, I like to wear corsets. At the same time, if I’m going for a cozy, chill stream, I’ll wear a more relaxed outfit like leggings or shorts with a tee or a hoodie — and Gold Tab’s elevated basics make it possible to do so while still looking polished."
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Chell, 24

How did you first get into gaming and streaming?
“My interest in gaming began when I was just three years old. I grew up watching my older sister play games on Nintendo 64 and, after that, Game Boy. Naturally, I got really into playing both myself. The first game I remember playing was Hey You, Pikachu!, a Pokémon game, on the Nintendo 64. I find it really nostalgic and still go back and play it occasionally. I’m currently streaming Rocket League, a very competitive game that I like to play, but on a more casual level, I play Stardew Valley and World of Warcraft casually. Overall, I play a pretty wide variety of games; I dabble in almost every type.”
What is gamer style to you, and how does it differ from traditional street style?
“I think today’s gamers and streamers have been able to take that whole 'nerdy' reputation and turn it into a really cool-but-comfortable style vibe. I actually think it draws a lot from traditional street-style trends, but it puts a more casual spin on them — that’s why we’ve seen a rise in athleisure worn on stream, like the bold crewneck, go-with-everything leggings, and sporty accessories from Gold Tab I styled above. It all ties back to the roots of gaming: We play video games to decompress, relax, and have a good time. We’re not trying to wear anything uncomfortable; no one is gaming in a tux. But that’s not to say ‘comfortable’ means ‘sloppy.’ I, like many other gamers, like to still feel put-together because that makes me feel more confident. That’s what gamer fashion is: comfortable but stylish.”
What trends are you currently noticing in gamer fashion?
“Lately, I’ve seen a lot of styles that draw from ’90s streetwear, like mom jeans paired with a cool graphic tee. I also see a lot of ‘90s-inspired sweatpants — maybe not as wild of prints, but they have that vintage fit that’s more straight-leg than baggy. Overall, most gamers gravitate toward comfortable and breathable (staples like T-shirts, leggings, sweatpants, sweat shorts, and basics in neutral colors that can be layered). I think both streetwear and gaming merch play a major role in the overall aesthetic. A lot of it is unisex, and it’s usually something that you can wear in and out of the house. As gamers, we stay inside to play a lot of the time, but we do also go outside and touch grass at events."
What influences your personal streaming style?
“I treat streaming and making content as my job. When I go live, I take the time to coordinate an outfit that I feel good in, which ultimately results in a better, more engaging stream. I may just be sitting in front of a computer screen, but how I dress truly impacts my confidence and mood. I’m influenced by streetwear trends as well as other gamers I see online, but I sometimes like to dress up according to what I’m playing. I’ll wear a Pokémon T-shirt if I’m streaming a Pokémon game. However, the cozy gamer look — the graphic tee, the cool hoodies, and sweatpants — is what I wear the most."
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How did you get your start in the gaming world?
“I started gaming when I was super young. I grew up in a military family, and we moved around from state to state a lot. I found that gaming became a way for me to stay in touch with the people that I wouldn’t be able to see in person, plus I really, really enjoyed it. I’ve now been playing competitively for over 10 years. Right now, you can find me streaming Overwatch 2, Apex Legends, and the occasional Minecraft session.”
How do you define gamer style? Are you seeing any trends among your peers?
“As laidback and comfortable. When you think about it, we’re sitting down and gaming for hours at a time, so we need to be comfortable. In terms of trends among gamers, again, it’s definitely those that are more comfort-focused, like athleisure and activewear.”
If you had to name one essential that’s in every gamer’s closet, what would it be?
“Oh, when it comes to the essentials, definitely sweatpants.”
How would you describe your personal gaming style?
“When I’m just playing by myself — no cameras or anything — I’m fully in my pajamas. But when I’m livestreaming, that’s when I’m dressing up more. When putting together an outfit, I focus more on what I wear on top, which, really, can be anything that I think looks and feels cute, whether it's a ‘90s-inspired two-toned hoodie or a lace cami. Regardless, I tend to keep things comfortable from the waist down, which brings me back to sweatpants. The Gold Tab Sweatpants I chose have become a mainstay in my gaming wardrobe — I’ll be snagging a pair in every color.”
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