DYING: Rachel Bilson Rocks A Grill For Her New Rap Vid!

Is Rachel Bilson the new Lil' Kim? She def gives the tiny, quick-tongued rapper a serious run for her money in the new sidesplitting "What's Up Doc" Funny Or Die video. We ain't messing around with this haute homegirl after watching R-Bils addressing career criticism. The Hart of Dixie star got an impressive gangsta swagga that we never thought we'd see (and some bling that would make Nelly jealous).
Rocking a, uh, tinfoil grill and sporting so not Summer Robert's 'drobe, Rachel spits out biting rhymes like "Critics talkin' sh*t about my actin', nice girl schtick ain't happenin'...Still they comin' at me, like 'where ya been,' you should be askin' Mischa Bar-ton!" Uh oh. We smell an OC feud brewing, and we're placing all bets on RB for sure. What's up Doc!
Video: Via Funny Or Die.

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