The Full Hunter’s Moon In Aries Means It’s Time To Get Kinky

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The full moon will rise in Aries on the evening of Sunday, October 13, and it will appear full from Saturday morning through Tuesday morning. In astrology, full moons always represent completion and fulfillment, and this moon is no different. 
This full moon is called the Hunter’s Moon, the name given to the first full moon that falls after the Harvest Moon. Unlike other traditional names for full moons, the Hunter's Moon can occur in October or November, depending on when the Harvest Moon — the full moon closest to the fall equinox — falls. In folklore, the Hunter’s Moon was so named because it meant that it was time to go hunting, in preparation for winter.
This Hunter’s Moon is in Aries, a fire sign known for its passion, energy, and temper. And this Hunter’s Moon “exactly aspects transformative Pluto,” adds astrologer Lisa Stardust.
“This luminary will bring sudden and drastic change — falls from grace and power, as well as transformation within relationships,” Stardust explains. “Abuses of power and triangular relationship will blow up, as we are all standing up for ourselves.”
This means it’s time to take action. “This full moon will force us to take charge and not be ignored or bullied anymore by anyone,” Stardust says. “We will also be able to squash fears and psychological chains that hold us back. The result will be freedom and confidence. No more standing by the sidelines and accepting negativity — it’s now time for us all to take charge of our lives once and for all.”
Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide To The Ancient Craft, explains that this full moon is a good time to work with burning magick and sex magick.
Burning magick is about "releasing and banishing things," Herstik says. If there's something you want to release, "write it down and burn it." Herstik suggests thinking back to the new moon in Aries, which happened in April. "Think back to where you were at the beginning of that time, reflect on what needs to come to a close, write it down, and burn it."
You can also incorporate fire into your rituals, such as fire gazing, candle magick, or incorporating fire into sex magick by exploring wax play with body-safe candles.
Sex magick is particularly potent right now because this full moon has "a balance of sexuality with Aries, ruled by Mars, and sensuality with Libra, ruled by Venus." She suggests working "with kink and BDSM in a conscious way," such as incorporating spanking, floggers, or temperature play.
"It’s a really powerful time to work with themes of transformation," Herstik adds. "There's an exciting energy towards trying new things, since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. There's full energy in embarking on an adventure."

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