THIS Is How To Make The #HighlighterChallenge Work IRL

You might remember a while back when a challenge surfaced on YouTube and Instagram that encouraged beauty enthusiasts to create an entire makeup look using only highlighter. Videos of the #HighlighterChallenge went viral as beauty vloggers from around the globe jumped on the chance to adorn their visages with shimmer and shine.
Needless to say, the trend produced more than a few E.T.-meets-Edward Cullen looks. As you'd expect, some were a bit too much for every day, or even for Saturday night. Because, well, many were really, really glittery. The idea itself, however, is pure gold.
To find some middle ground, we called upon celebrity makeup artist Andre Sarmiento for his tips to making the concept work IRL — without looking like a disco ball. Ahead, read his tricks for layering highlighter like a pro, which formulas to choose, and how to wear it all over your face. Sit back, relax, and prepare to master your glow.

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