1 Rock Star, 1 Day — How Many Pairs Of Boots?!

We know that life on the road for a music star is no walk in the park. Well, we may not know know, but, of course, we can imagine it's never all fun and games and sold-out venues. But, despite the hours upon hours of work, there is one thing that so many artists make look easy: their style. And, we could call the campaign video for Frye boot's spring '14 collection "exhibit A."
Teaming with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, the heritage brand followed the band for one day. And, while that meant chasing the troop around from rehearsals to studio sessions to, of course, the culminating moment at Bimbo's 365 Club in San Francisco, it also meant multiple Frye-footwear changes. We counted approximately six in one day. Excessive? Perhaps. But, hey, if there's space for each pair of perfect leather booties on one tour bus, who are we to judge? Watch the mini music video below.

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