Oh Sh*T, You Can Now Buy Artichoke Pizza At The Supermarket

Here's a scenario for you. It's 1 a.m. You're leaving, say, the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District. Four martinis have been imbibed. Probably a shot. Those cobblestones are your worst enemy. You definitely don't go home, though—Artichoke Pizza is soooo close, just up the street at 10th Avenue and 17th Street. You're not not going to go, even if you're rolling solo. Since we're not drunkenly partying every night, this isn't a common scenario (promise), so we allow ourselves to inhale this pizza crack with the knowledge that it's nothing a 20-minute sprint session at David Barton can't fix. Until now. Eater reports that Artichoke founders Sal Basile and Francis Garcia's mini-chain (it's in the E.V. and W.V., too, as if you didn't know) has inked a deal to sell their famed Artichoke and Margherita pizzas in the frozen-food aisle at a supermarket near you. After spending four months crafting the perfect pie, the boys claim it tastes pretty darn close to the original, which means unless we practice insane willpower, we're basically f*cked when it comes to those new Current/Elliott jeans for fall.