How To Work Out For Free In NYC All Month Long

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
It's disturbing how easy it is to throw away your money in New York City. An iced coffee is $5. A short cab ride is $8. A movie ticket is $17. And every boutique workout in the city is somehow around $35 a class. Even though it sounds ludicrous to spend that much money on an hour or so of exercise (one class is a week's worth of iced coffees — think about it), every other week there's a new trendy workout that you just have to try. And not everyone's NYC budget can keep up with their affinity for boutique workouts.
But it is possible to go to fancy classes, and get in good workouts without spending any money at all. Need proof? I did it for an entire month, and I was able to get in two workouts a week, totally free. You'd be surprised how easy it is to follow the rules and still swindle your way into a free sweat. Here's how I did it.