Foursquare's 25 Most Popular Restaurants In NYC

If you're into hanging out with other social media types, has ranked the top 25 most popular restaurants in NYC according to Foursquare. Although we don't use the app that much, we kinda guessed from our Twitter feed that Shake Shack ruled the pack—the Madison Square Park branch had 16,847 check-ins as of January 12 (adding in the other locations, the chainlet got a whopping 35,036 total check-ins). Other top choices for wannabe mayors include Eataly (14, 217), Balthazar (11,390), La Esquina (11,816), and Union Square's Coffee Shop (10, 822). Based on what we've seen, we're going to nominate # 21, The Meatball Shop (7,104), for most drunken check-ins. (Observer)

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