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5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 14 2011

The windows at SoHo's Bloomies are getting in on the city's snowpocalypse action, with one mannequin pouring snow on a NY skyline and another draped on a pile of overflowing trash bags that the sanitation department is obviously too overwhelmed to remove. Who knew mannequins were so up on current events? (Racked NY)
Before you get started on your ingenious counterfeit money scheme, learn a lesson from these bumbling New Yorkers and don't raise suspicions by keeping fake cashola in your underwear. (NY Magazine)
Four Loko is a seriously banned substance—three women just got arrested for allegedly attempting to sell cases of the knock out drink to undercover cops. Shouldn't we be worried about, umm, real crime? (Huffington Post)
The Ultimate Fighting Championship wants to hold events in New York. You'd better duck for cover if you don't want a roundhouse kick to the face. (New York Observer)
A food cart invasion of NY's green spots is on the agenda for the Parks Department. Great, we can see that our attempts to exercise outdoors are going to be waylaid by the irresistible smell of mobile munchables. (Gothamist)