12 Stars You Totally Forgot Won Oscars

We always get nostalgic as Oscar Sunday approaches. For us, this nostalgia usually manifests itself in many trips down Wikipedia lane, reminiscing and marveling over past wins, losses, and upsets. We also spend a good amount of time remarking on stars we completely forgot have Academy Awards at home. Not because they didn't deserve them at the time, but because we live in a fast and fickle age. One year's Best Picture winner is next year's Razzie contender. Yes, we're talking about Crash
It's not just public opinion that changes, it's also about the evolution of an actor or actress' career. Millennials might think of Sylvester Stallone as the musclehead in movies like The Expendables and Rambo, but he also has two Oscar nominations under his belt for starring in and writing Rocky. Yes, Sylvester Stallone is a prolific screenwriter with 30 credits to his name. How soon we all forget.
You never know who might have a little gold statuette at home, and that's what makes this Oscar trivia so fascinating. And, if this knowledge makes you the MVP of your Academy Awards party this year, then that's just an extra perk.

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