An Audi Gets Destroyed In Soho As Fashion’s Night Out Turns Violent

With all those revelers, cop cars, and fire trucks swarming around Soho last night, we had a sneaky suspicion that our new, fashionable holiday had gone a rogue. Apparently, some poor schmo in an Audi ran afoul of a crowd who were enjoying Fashion's Night Out with less than the appropriate amount of civility and, as a result, had his car stomped on, smashed in, and generally destroyed.
Maybe the driver was too agressive navigating his way through the packed streets and got a taste of mob justice. Perhaps the thin line that separates FNO from a mass riot has finally disintegrated. We don't know. All we can say is it's clear it's getting a bit too cray-cray out there. We're glad no one was injured, and we hope this doesn't auger more physical nastiness for FNOs of the future. Try to behave yourselves out there, folks — IT'S JUST FASHION! (Gothamist)

Photo: Jika Gonzalez Via Gothamist.