Kris Humphries Has As Many Shoes As Kim, Has “Ice Running Through His Veins”

Seems like a yin and yang situation between notorious hottie-with-a-body, Kim Kardashian, and self-proclaimed "ice man," Kris Humphries. We caught up with the Nets forward at last night's Saks Fifth Avenue FNO event to get the dirt on all things K., the plays, and all Says Mr.Kardashian of his new high-profile lifestyle, "Life's been great, we are all working, I'm doing my basketball thing and [the Kardashian girls] have a bunch of stuff going on...but we find time to hang out." That is, between training, shopping and dodging the cameras. Check out our chat, below, for the scoop on his favorite threads, where to find his old kicks, and to see what (if anything) really makes him nervous.
When you wake up in the morning do you first think about Kim or about basketball? "I don't know what I'm thinking about. I'm usually running out the door going to the gym in the early morning so my day from early morning till noon is at the gym, lifting or shooting, or doing something to help my body and my sport, so…I know what you're looking for, but…"
What's your favorite brand? "Some people buy something all the way through, I've been wearing a little bit of Dolce because some of their stuff is bigger... A lot of times I have to think ahead and get stuff made—coats and jeans—but every once in a while, I'll find something in a store. We can't all shop off the rack like you guys. "
When are you the most nervous? When it comes to media stuff or when it comes to basketball stuff? "I'm not really nervous on the court. I don't really know, I kinda got ice in my veins, I don't really remember the last time I was nervous. If I figure it out, I'll tweet it at you."
How many pairs of shoes do you think you have? "A lot. I give a lot of shoes to the Goodwill and stuff—basketball shoes and stuff like that."
Who has more shoes? You or Kim? "I don't know. It's close."

Photo: Via Matthew Peyton/Getty Images for SAKS