Flight of Fancy: AIRA Designs for the Future

In these modern times, every woman's got her uniform. For sisters Karen and Annie Lin, their just-launched line AIRA a collection of staples for a "new era" in women's fashion, where change is constantly occurring. Inspired by the shapes of New York architecture, the AIRA Fall '08 collection uses draping and silhouettes to re-create the look of those timeless city landmarks. Made of luxe materials like silk and pima cotton, the line features body-skimming tops and structured frocks. Muted colors are mixed with surprisingly stylish spray-paint patterns and bright purple shades. A pair of slim, jet-black pants make an especially bold statement with ruffled "wings" on either hip—our favorite piece in the collection. "The Winged pants signify our aesthetic of architectural romance and the modern world's fast movements," say the sisters. Comfort, too, is essential to the designers. They describe their pieces as "light and breezy," while still retaining a tailored, architectural aesthetic. As the temperature drops, those peplum'ed trousers just might be our new substitute for the Little Black Dress.
AIRA is available at Coclico, 275 Mott Street, NYC; 212-965-5462; www.shopcolico.com.This Friday, September 19th, shoppers at Coclico will receive 10% the AIRA fall collection and will be able to meet the designers in person. For more information, go to www.airanyc.com.
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