Landon, Help! What’s The 411 On Flatforms?

Courtesy of ASOS.
Amelia writes: "Help! I'm currently in the middle of a Spice Girls obsession revival and I want to pull of the platform boot. But, with summer approaching, knee-high anythings are not exactly ideal. Can you help me find a hot weather-proof alternative so my legs (and feet) don't schvitz?" Flatforms have their pros and cons. They're really cute, they're leg-lengthening, and they serve as the perfect median between a wedge and a sandal. But, if you've ever owned a pair, you're familiar with their sometimes dangerous, ankle-threatening tendencies, despite them being "flat." Fashion forward? Yes. Practical? Yes — if you pick them correctly. The slip-on route is an ankle sprain waiting to happen and something completely flat-footed will make you walk all funny. Take a look at the shape of the wedge. Is it so flat that you could frost a cake with it? Or, does it pitch upwards at the front? Go for the latter so you can strut — not Frankenstein stomp — to where you need to go. Your Achilles tendons will thank you. And, make sure there's a strap on the back. This not only prevents them from slipping off, but it'll aid in keeping the shoe and your ankle stepping in perfect unison. Also, keep the materials light. No one wants to carry five pound weights on the bottom of their feet. This pair from ASOS combines my favorite colors (black and blue) and my favorite materials (satin and leather). They're A) as comfortable as they look, B) fit the flatform requirements listed above, and C) they're only $90. A flatform should mold to the bottom of your foot — not work against it. We're not living in the Middle Ages, for Pete's sake. I hope this helps. See you next Saturday.

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