5 Halloween Costumes Made Out Of Flash Tats

Flash Tats. By now the name has probably (read: definitely) appeared in your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook feed at least once. Next to a glowing tan, they were THE must-have item both last and again this summer (thanks to the Queen B herself). And, they pretty much singlehandedly made temporary tattoos a (very fancy) thing again.
If you were one of the many who embraced this trend during the warmer months, we're sure you have some sparkle left over that you're wondering what to do with. (And, if you didn't, now's your chance!) Why not use the leftover bling for a last-minute Halloween costume?
It's genius, if you really think about it. Flash Tats are non-toxic and safe to use to decorate your body and face. And, maybe investing in a getup that you'll probably never wear again isn't the best option. In honor of the lazy girl who's inside all of us, we dreamed up five ideas that can be whipped up in a flash — a very glitzy flash. Feel free to go a little crazy. After all, Halloween is the one day of the year that it's socially acceptable to do so.

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