These Non-Basic Basics Will Take Your Closet To The Next Level

Is your Pinterest account still overloaded with images from New York Fashion Week? Us, too. But there's an emerging designer much closer to home whose pieces easily rival any Big Apple name out there. We've never been particularly undercover about our affinity for Nikki Garcia's line First Rite, but after seeing her elegant spring '15 collection, we've decided she's poised to become a household name.
Filled with strong (yet laid-back) silhouettes that take casual dressing to the next level, the collection embodies the modern San Francisco girl — including all of our contradictions.
"The theme is duality," explains Garcia. "The idea that one thing, person — or, in this case, collection — can be made up of multiple contrasting ideas that oppose but work together. The imagery reflects a feeling many of us have about being caught between two natures, our city life and a desire and draw to a more natural existence."
It's like she totally gets us. If that alone isn’t enough to inspire a sartorial awakening, the garments most certainly will.

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