Holiday Mantels That Bring The Heat On Instagram

Most of us at R29 don't have a blazing fireplace to come home to. Our tiny New York apartments just won't allow it — but that doesn't mean we can't admire, gush, and be completely envious of those who've decked out their hearths for the season.
We rounded up our 10 favorite mantelpiece "galleries" — from woodsy to minimalist to cheeky. Some of these embellishment tricks can even translate to your tabletop or doorway. Either way, the main point is: Gather 'round.
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Photo: Via @mumlittle.
Primary colors and pom poms were meant to be together.
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Photo: Via @kristinamj5.
Why stack your presents when you can hang them on a branch?
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Photo: Via @jacquelinbrown.
A lesson in keeping it simple and sweet.
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Photo: Via @em_henderson.
An impressive stone mantel requires an impressive leafy garland.
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All the reindeer are present and accounted for.
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Photo: Via @anguiac7.
Our inner minimalist leaps for joy.
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Photo: Via @blueeyedyonder.
Who needs firewood when you have towering, white candles?
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Photo: Via @jadedassembly
Ditch the stockings and fill your boots with sweets.
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Photo: Via @wolf_ya.
With candle holders, 20 are always better than two.
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Photo: Via @lisabardot.
Make it a family affair.

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