Video: We Team Up With VH1 For An Early A.M. Festival Fashion Guide

You know we're on top of the whole packing for Coachella thing, but we've also begun to think more generally about trends to wear to other music festivals. So natch, we sent our New York Editor, Annie Georgia Greenberg to Vh1's Big Morning Buzz to put together a few looks that we think really hit a high note. From boho chic to brightly color-blocked, the ensembles transcend music type, hot weather, and looking good in all your new Facebook pics so you can rock out worry free. Plus, we snuck in some more general tips and an essentials kit to match. (Advil, anyone?) Sure, you want to look like you threw on your outfit last minute, but luck favors the prepared (and obviously the chic!). Check out the clip below, and hollaback in the comments.
Video: Courtesy of Vh1

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