This Is What A Health Guru's Lifestyle Really Looks Like

When it comes to juggling both a healthy lifestyle and a busy schedule, it's easy to let things slide — especially on the weekends. But, then you meet Fernanda de la Puente, and all those excuses go out the window. She's a New York-based holistic nutrition counselor, a natural chef, a lifestyle coach, and a certified yoga instructor — and, her passion for clean living is totally contagious.
Not that we're surprised. De la Puente was born for this — literally. Raised on an organic farm in her native Peru — a country known for its food culture (it's the home of quinoa, after all!) — a career in nutrition seemed written in the stars. But, when she realized a standard Western approach to health wasn't cutting it, she headed to India to study alternative healing systems. By the time she came back, her course was set.
Now, the wellness guru spends her days helping her clients find their perfect balance in food and in life at Peeling In, her own nutrition coaching company. And, de la Puente practices what she preaches. How does she do it (and where does that glow come from)? We tagged along through her daily routine to soak up her healthy living tips, catch her easy-going spirit, and see how she effortlessly styles her lululemon gear for both the studio and the city streets. So, clear your mind, breathe deep, and get ready to move one step closer to nirvana.
Photographed by Ben Lamberty; Styled by Alison Mazur; Hair and Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci

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