The Feather Trend: Fair Or Fowl?

Feathers haven't had a great rep lately and, quite frankly, they've never had all that great of a rep to begin with. Let's be honest, there are few other materials out there that can look so instantly cheap and tacky: Wear too many and you look like a chicken, too few and you looked like a dead chicken.
Wear them in your hair and fly fisherman will shake their fists at you and roosters get really stressed out. And the fact that you can now wear feathers on your lady bits isn't really helping their credibility. Let's also not forget that although there are providers who only shell out naturally-molted feathers, there are also many who treat the birds in cruel and inhumane ways just to harvest their fringe.

For better or worse, feathers have had a long and prominent history in fashion, and a recent story by Thirteen's MetroFocus revealed a little bit more insight into the biz — including the somewhat shocking fact that there are only three feather showrooms in the city, providing the very best that ostriches, marabous, and peacocks have to offer to a whole slew of designers when Fashion Week rolls around. One of the players in this trio, Abby Arauz, who owns The Feather Place, is a third generation feather seller who has seen the industry grow firsthand from being more of a fishing-oriented business to having their product fluff up the most beautiful gowns from the likes of Chanel and Dior. We definitely think feathers are trending this season, in a much more glamourous and luxurious way than in years past (and certainly more glamourous than the feathers that Steven Tyler and Ke&sha have worn), but are you on board with them being used in fashion, as a byproduct of the meat industry or otherwise? Check out the story on MetroFocus and let us know what you think below! (Thirteen)

Photo: Via Thirteen