Favorite Yelp Of The Week: The Library

Brrrr it's glacial out there and some would say there's nothing better than cozying up to a good book. We say blizzard snooze alert. Don't get us wrong, we're avid readers but staying in is the last thing on our end of year to-do list, which is why our Yelp search took us straight to East Village bar The Library. We're not talking textbooks here...these card catalogs are filled with booze and lots of it, which is precisely why we advise taking Will C's Yelp review for real. So, grab your skullcap and ski on over to The Library, this week's F.Y.I. (Favorite Yelp Is). With 129 reviews and an overall rating of 4 (out of 5) stars, there's no surprise this library guarantees a good time. Did we mention their jukebox was rated best in NYC too many times to count (okay twice, but math wasn't our major so you get the point), plus rumor has it that the "hot" bartenders lock lips every now and then? Needless to say we're giving a well-earned A+ to Will C. and Yelp for reminding us how much we love to "read."
The Library Checklist:
Open, CHECK!
Dive bar with an ample selection of drinks for a great price, CHECK.
Graffiti on the walls and jukebox, CHECK.
Hard cider and eggnog for the holiday spirit-goers, MULTIPLE-CHECK.
Buzzing peeps celebrating Festivus, CHECK.
Forms ready for airing grievances, CHECK.
Free holidays cookies from fabulous lady bartender, DOUBLE-CHECK.
Dr. Suess' Grinch playing in the background, CHECK.
Special shots courtesy of bartender (M!), TRIPLE-CHECK.
All checks across the board here. I'm ready to go again. Ready for take off! Snow storm, what do you mean snow storm? Okay, solution, back to the Library for booz—I mean books, yeah books.
The Library, 7 Avenue A (between East 1st and East 2nd streets); 212-375-1352.

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