Favorite Yelp Of The Week: See Eyewear

If you spent 2010 squinting at street signs, we've got just the prescription for you. Whether you're in need of first time specs or fresh new frames a visit to SEE Eyewear will leave you seeing crystal clear. The team at SEE is relentless about editing their wares, meaning before any Yelper can even review their specs, they've already been scrutinized by pros that know what's really behind the looking glass. "Mass production is a massive no-no at SEE" which is exactly why this week's F.Y.I. (Favorite Yelp Is) goes out to Kelly W. for reminding us that having four eyes (and four stars) is much cooler than two with her review of SEE Eyewear. We dare you to read the smallest line (our fave parts are highlighted for easy peeping access)!
((enter jimmy cliff)):: I can SEE clearly now that the rain has gone... 

Sorry Rain, you had nothing to do with it, but Joey and the rest of the crew at SEE—yeah they had A LOT to do with it. 

I chronically rock old prescriptions, it's just something that I do—typically unintentionally, but also due to financial barriers. Not to mention, picking out glasses can be quite strenuous as it is extremely personal. 

It was always strange that glasses can look so different on different people... There really is such thing as the perfect pair—it can make or break your look. Maybe a little like a wedding dress, a lot can look okay, but there is always that one that's really just YOU (note: I am NOT nor have I ever been married... but word on the street is...).

Anyway, as a slave to the fashion industry for almost my entire life I really appreciate and honest relationship with sales associate and consumer. I'm sorry, NOT telling me my ass looks fat in those jeans isn't doing YOU any favors cause when I come to my senses and return them, well yes, I WILL blame you. Luckily, SEE doesn't sell jeans and if they did, at least they would be honest. I tried on almost the entire store and Joey was quite frank with me about what was flattering and what wasn't. 

I loved my glasses so much that I ended up bringing a couple of friends by to get some new specs. There is always some sort of deal going on, not to mention the price you pay for the frames INCLUDES lenses with your prescription. muy bueno in my book. 

Everyone that works there is great—they are all very honest and frank about how you look... although none of them are named Frank. I guess I can live with that.