Why Look-At-Me Faux Fur Is 100 Times Better Than Your Old Black Peacoat

You don't have to see the breath in front of your face crystalize to understand that it's been ungodly cold out. Like — so cold you're canceling all your plans and sleeping in a hoodie at night. So cold that you're seriously considering dipping into your savings for cab fare in order to avoid walking anywhere. So cold that you'd swap anything stylish for something that actually keeps you warm. We're here to say that last thing isn't necessary. (We're with you on the others, though.)
Stuffing yourself in that zip-up sleeping-bag coat with the matted hood three times a day is a small daily misery, but this season's rise of showpiece faux fur is a great idea for anyone who loves looking good as much as not freezing. It's incredibly cozy, way more arresting than your basic black peacoat, and looks great layered over other jackets, worn with snuggly separates, and doubled up for the full Muppet effect. Ahead, 10 looks that totally prove our point.

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