Which Chain Restaurants Do You Wish Were In NYC?

We've been talking about In'N'Out Burger opening here for so long, at this point it feels like if it did actually happen, we'd be over it. (Just kidding. Please open.) But dreams do come true in terms of cult regional chain restaurants coming to the Big App—hello The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. And others, not so much...Krispy Kreme couldn't quite translate its long NYC lines to Boston, while many a Mass man and woman's top childhood sundae spot, Friendly's, only made it as far as Staten Island, and may soon go out of business. Gothamist, feeling nostalgic after hearing of the franchise's possible demise, drew up a list of five super-popular local eatery chains that they'd like to see in the Big Apple. Which leads us to ask, what of your teenage grub go-tos are you're feeling wistful for? This editor, for one, miss Bertucci's and, not that it needs to be said, The Cheesecake Factory. Comment below with your faves!

Photo: Via Gothamist.