5 Celebs Who Made Fast Fashion Look Better Than Couture

Photo: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com.
Here's the thing about red-carpet fashion: Pretty much anyone can look glamorous in miles of Marchesa-engineered silk or diaphanous custom Givenchy. What's not quite as easy is creating a "the queen has arrived" look in off-the-rack duds -- as any woman with a formal event to attend and a non-Hollywood budget can attest. But, the red carpet stars ahead prove that it can be done. And, ahem, not just when you're Kendall Jenner and Topshop is custom-making you resplendent, champagne-silk gowns.
Ahead, meet five women who make real-deal, off-the rack ASOS and Gap look as glam as Altuzarra and Gucci...

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