Fashion Week Photo Diary: Philip Crangi

The focus of this Fashion Week was having fun and working with our friends. We made the decision this season not to work on a major collab like Vera Wang last time around. They are amazing opportunities, but they're a lot of work and, after frankly, we needed the summer off. It was still super busy for us between finishing up our Giles Spring '09 collection, loaning jewelry to our friends in the "industry", and collaborating with a slew of our buddies on their Spring ready-to-wear shows. But really, Fashion Week was just an excuse to indulge in guilty pleasures—leather (Costello-Tagliapietra), gold spray-paint and beads (Shipley & Halmos), vacuum-packed jewelry (OAK Bond-Age Project), and, of course, partying, BLT's and spicy bloody marys. Bring on the next season—our livers should be good and ready by then.
"Pieces for the OAK Bond Age project, finally complete. Some pieces for the Shipley & Halmos show in the rear."

"Cuffs for Costello Tagliapeitra all ready to go, waiting for their moment to shine."
"Adjusting a cuff backstage at Costello Tagiapietra. It's all about the details...and tattoos."
"Hannah Lifson, myself, and some extra hands to hold the hair, dressing Emily Fox, backstage at Costello Tagliapietra."
"Robert Tagliapietra, cool as a cucumber, checking it all out."
Left: "Backstage at Costello Tagliapietra. The secret is out..." Right: "Finishing up the last details on some requested pieces. 'I know it's last minute, but do you think you could get these pieces over to X by tonight?'"

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