Where's The Fashion In Fashion Technology?

Smart style once meant choosing garments that were tailored well, adaptable for different occasions, and were quirky without being gimmicky. But perhaps our definition of what's "smart" in fashion is no longer applicable. And, the Google Glass x Warby Parker collab — which aims to create a more fashion-forward frame for its new wave of eyewear — is not the only fashion-tech venture to be on the lookout for. As reported by the Business of Fashion, wearable, personal, tech devices are expected to be an approximately "$10 billion industry by 2016," leaving us wondering how this will affect the fashion industry at large.
"The essential idea is that computers will be everywhere — they’ll be in your glasses, they’ll be part of your clothing,” Margit Wennmachers, a member of Silicone Valley's venture capital Andreessen Horowitz, told BoF. While this all sounds pretty astounding, it does raise some questions (and eyebrows) regarding what these new advances can bring to the garments we love and how we perceive personal style 10, 20, or 50 years down the line. Will we be determining the must-have accessory of the season based on its Wi-Fi capability? Will we be praising a stunning runway collection because of its ability to monitor our body temperature? And, furthermore, will advances in design and technology be able to move at the same pace, so we won't have to sacrifice one for another? Unfortunately, these answers will only reveal themselves in the years to come. For the entire fashion tech report, simply click over. (BoF)
Photo: Via BoF

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