8 Math Tricks That Just Make Your Outfit Work

One of the reasons fashion is our thing — and your thing, too, we bet — is that there are no rules. Beyond ones that keep you from getting arrested (there’s little getting around forgetting your pants in public…), there are very few regulations on dressing. Do what feels and looks best to you. That’s numero uno. But, when the pursuit of rule number one leaves you with a giant pile of clothes on the floor and a question mark above your head, a little guidance doesn't hurt.
Consider these following fashion formulas as somewhere to start. (After all, Picasso learned about the anatomy of a human face before he started painting people’s noses on their cheeks.) These help answer some of the trickier questions about what to wear how, and which combinations create a pleasant-looking balance. Master these, and you can go about your business of messing with the system again.   

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