Can You Guess The Internet's Most Popular Fashion Brand?

While Bing isn't exactly the de facto noun-turned-verb when it comes to search, the Microsoft search engine does have its committed followers. And according to the company, those followers really like both American and luxury fashion.
Bing released its list of 2012's most searched fashion brands, and NY-based Michael Kors takes the number-one spot (not surprising considering the impressively successful IPO that closed out 2011 for the brand), followed by iconic (and oft-knocked off) brands like Louis and Gucci. Rounding out the top five are two more U.S. brands known for an Americana bent, Ralph Lauren and J.Crew. The takeaway? People like to wear classic American brands...and expensive European ones, too.
1. Michael Kors
2. Louis Vuitton
3. Gucci
4. Ralph Lauren
5. J.Crew
6. Chanel
7. Prada
8. Juicy Couture
9. Burberry
10. Tory Burch
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Kors

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