Sleeping's Not Chic Unless You're In These Suno PJs

Pajama dressing has certainly had its moment months in the sun this year, but we can never grow tired (pun intended) of such a comfortable trend that just so happens to be painfully chic, too. Our latest obsession? Suno's just-launched pajama sets that can be worn anywhere.
In brightly patterned hues, the ensembles come in both cotton and silk for maximum lounging and maximum wow-factor. Yes, of course, these oversized pieces make for perfect sleepwear but, separate or together, we kind of see them hitting the streets, too.
And at just $165 for cotton and $175 for silk, they just might be the best deal Suno's serving up this season. If you're looking to gift us a pair, don't be shy and send over the floral-printed silk ensembles in any of the eye-catching colors — we're sure these designer dreams (we really couldn't help ourselves) will find a home in our rotation somehow. Click through and pick your favorite pair of PJs.
Photo: Courtesy of BPCM

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