The Best Fall Eyeliners Aren't Black

Eyeliner is one of those makeup products that anyone can wear. It's one of the easier cosmetics to apply — be it liquid, pencil, or gel — and it instantly adds definition and character to your eyes. But, it's also one of those looks that can get old real fast if you don't switch it up every now and then.
So, in honor of fall's arrival (and your comfort-zone exit), we've selected the best new liners that aren't black. Because, black is just so...expected, don't you think? Instead, go for a darker green or a warm blue. Apply it to your lower lashline to give your eyes a pop of color, or rock it as a cat-eye for a new take on the classic look. These liners are all fairly subtle, so you don't need to worry about getting side eye from your coworkers. Just know that if people are staring, it's probably a good thing — we wouldn't steer you wrong.
Click through to see the best shades for the new season.

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