Crocs Counterfeiters Sentenced To 46 Years In Prison

Though it may seem ridiculous to risk your life for a pair of perforated, plastic clogs, 18 Chinese counterfeiters did a bit of bad gambling when their knockoff Croc business was seized, and the offenders were sentenced to 46 years in prison and ordered to pay $450,896 in fines per person. Their misdeeds? Selling 128,752 pairs of knockoffs, with over $9.6 million worth of plastic clogs confiscated by officials.
Said Crocs' chief legal and administrative officer, Dan Hart: "If you attempt to produce or sell infringing Crocs products, we are going to find you. The lengthy prison terms and heavy fines handed down in these cases show that Chinese authorities are very serious about assisting us to eradicate the production of counterfeit Crocs products in China, and so are we."
Abolishing knockoffs of any sort is a very good thing, but there's something especially satisfying about getting rid of that many pairs of ugly, plastic clogs. It might be too much to ask for the abolishment of real Crocs, too, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. (WWD)
Photo: Courtesy of Crocs

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