Girly or Just Plain Gaudy: Luxe Giants Gear For The Female Football Fan

In the race for most shocking marketing twist, we're calling the National Football League's "shrink it and pink it" strategy a front runner. This cringe-worthy line is the animating force behind the repertory of womens wares on sale at their pop-up in Times Square, which range from fitted Tebow tees to nail polish sets colored for the most major Giants junkies. The strategy hones in on the ladies fan quotient (a la baseball...remember these?) — and the NFL wants to close the deal with the boutique appeal. We don't have too much time to make it up to 42nd, so we're scoring the "Gametime New York Giants White Legend Series Watch" online. What's $999 for our favorite team? And, as for the $695 bedazzled suede tote, well, mama's about to get a brand new bag, 3-5 days standard shipping, please.
While we were sarcastically dusting off the ol' Paypal, we got to reading and some thinking. Do we like the NFL gone luxe, or are they really just trying to prey play on our wallets. Shrink it and pink it: do we like, laugh, or lambaste? (Slate)
Photo: Via Slate

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