Exclusive: First-Ever Footage Of Karl Lagerfeld High-Fiveing

Zomg. No doubt you've been witness to the new KARL by Karl Lagerfeld collection, you've squee'd at his furry feline muse, Choupette, and hell, you're probably even taking your morning jogs in some of those shiny PVC gym shorts we tipped you off to, but we're willing to bet a stack of Chanel 2.55 bags that you have never seen the Kaiser give a high-five. Just moments after tapping an iPad screen for the dramatic launch of his new Net-A-Porter line in front of a space-age-looking glass cube in Paris, our main man Karl turns to Natalie Massenet of Net-a-Porter holding said iPad and —albeit awkwardly —high-fives her, presumably, the first-ever instance of Lagerfeld takin' it to the dog pound.
And so you can relive this moment in history over and over again, we've graciously presented it to you in GIF form. You're welcome.
zomg Photo: Courtesy of Net-A-Porter, special thanks to The Verge's Thomas Houston for technical help.

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