Everything At Fred Flare's Sample Sale Is $20 Or Less!

Fred Flare is already pretty affordable, so we knew the prices at their spring sample sale extravaganza would be good. But Holy Sh*t! The final discounts are clinically insane. From the Keepsake USB turntable for $20 (orginally $165), or the Warrior Dot sneakers for $10 (originally $52), the deals are better than any bargain bin we've seen. We're totally itchin' for the Leopard Print De Chine dress, that at $10 is way below its $64 asking price. For the sportier gals, there's a $5 tennis raquet carrying case. Seriously guys, this is waaaay better than the dollar menu.
Sunday, May 23rd, 11a.m.-5.pm.
Fred Flare Store, 131 Meserole Ave (at Leonard Street); Brooklyn; 718-349-1257

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