18 Basics Fashion People LOVE

Basics can get a bad rep — they're too cheap, too expensive, too boring, or too plain. But, they're actually the glue that holds a well-rounded wardrobe together. They're your outfit foundation, your everyday go-tos, and the only pieces that truly stay around as trends come and go.
But for your basics to deliver all the versatility you expect, they've got to be really good. With these pieces, quality trumps quantity, because it's better (and way more efficient) to have one perfect white tee than eight mediocre ones. And though it might cost you more up-front, when you're wearing these staples like crazy (we're talking every other day) you'll quickly realize that splurging a bit will pay off in versatility, durability, and wearability in the long run. (If you've bought a cheap number that unraveled after just two washes, you know what we're talking about.)
So, where does the hunt for these seemingly fictional, life-changing basics begin? Word of mouth, of course. We asked 18 so-stylish ladies about the pieces they've worn 300 times already, and still will never, ever retire (and that's saying something, considering how quickly things seem to enter and exit our closets). Click on for the items you can wear every day without tiring of them — these picks won't disappoint.

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