Not-Your-Average NYC Adventures

Screw the Empire State Building, it’s windy as all heck up there (buh-bye blowout)! If we want a birds-eye view, we can get it on Google earth for free-ninety-nine, and we don’t even have to worry about messing up our lovely locks. Here at R29, we like to think of ourselves as "real" New Yorkers and, let’s face it, sometimes, when it comes to weekend activities or touristy suggestions, we feel like we've seen it all. So, in the spirit of really exploring our city, we've dug a little deeper to find out where the true sightseeing gems are hidden. Whether you have been a city dweller since your past life, or you just flew in on the red-eye for a Big Apple quickie, we’ve put together an unusual guide to the city and its surrounding nabes (believe it or not, all the boroughs are filled with buried treasures). Next time someone asks "What should I do this weekend?", don't you dare think of keeping your mouth shut.
Click through to see peep six rather different weekend itineraries!

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