Put Your iPhone Down And You’ll Get Cheap Eats At This L.A. Resto

Nothing gives us the creeps quite like someone with a serious cell-phone addiction. Whether picking up groceries, hitting the beach, or driving on the 101 (big no-no!), some peeps can't seem to pause and put down the CrackBerry. Well, the owner and chef of Eva Restaurant on Beverly Boulevard isn't a fan of the amount of texts taking place under his roof, and hopes to put an end to it all.
Customers that agree to stow away their smartphones will receive a 5% discount off their entire meal. Rather than immediately Instagraming their dish, Gold's goal is to have patrons actually enjoy the meal and the company they've chosen to dine with.
In all honesty, we kind of wish this rule would take effect citywide! Wouldn't it be wonderful to truly live in the moment, not your Facebook feed? Plus, we wouldn't have to endure another loud neighbor's one-sided convo ever again. You'll be able to find us at Eva tonight! (Gawker)

Photo: Via Gawker