We Tested 8 Of The Buzziest Beauty Items On Etsy

Remember when Etsy seller Bitter Lace Beauty released the rainbow highlighter that broke the internet? The unicorn-inspired illuminator was the glow heard round the world and spurned a rainbow-highlighter frenzy, which included interpretations by Wet n Wild and Forever 21 Beauty.
We've always loved Etsy for its small-batch sellers touting unique, custom goods sold directly to the consumer, but before Bitter Lace, Etsy didn't get a ton of credit in the mainstream cosmetics sphere. Knit goods and letterpress stationery? Sure. But not makeup, skin care, or hair products. But recent buzz has us wondering, What other hidden gems live on the DIY e-comm site?
Right now, there are over 1.5 million bath-and-beauty items sold on Etsy from around the world. Everything from sparkly black bath bombs to Harry Potter-inspired eyeshadow palettes and small-batch liquid lippies are available for order. Since we're always on the lookout for the beauty's next best and brightest, we decided to test a few of the site's most well-reviewed finds.
Ahead, we've outlined some of our favorites that have been tested and approved by our beauty editors and given the R29 stamp of approval. Read on for some serious makeup inspiration. Here's hoping you find your next holy grail product!

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