Running Errands? This Could Help…

Even when you've punched out on Friday and seemingly have a glorious two days of nothing ahead, any woman who doesn't live in a castle knows the weekends are when the real work gets done. Maybe you've got to drop off that bundle of packages for your burgeoning eBay business or pick up your dry cleaning just in time for the evening's soiree. Perhaps you need to help a friend get through swimsuit shopping sans mental breakdown. Or, more likely, it's all of the above. But, whatever the errand, you've got to be wearing something that's as ready to get busy as you are.
And, a part of feeling prepared to tackle anything is feeling good about what you're wearing. So, when your outfit has as much style as the dish rags you're aiming to restock, you've got a problem. And, if you've ever turned down those last-minute cocktails or a surprise get-together because you're out and about in a pair of UGGs and a stained hoodie, you especially know what we mean. So, ahead, we put together a hit list of some truly stylish items that will aid you on your quest to finish off your to-do list and created five amazing outfits you'll actually want to be seen in. Staying chic on the go? Check!

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