Erin Wasson's Empire Of Dirt, Conde Nast Editors Ride The Subway, And Questionable DIY Tea Bag Curtains

Erin Wasson calls her success as a fashion model, designer, muse, etc. an "empire of dirt." Uh, what?(Paper Mag)
Condé Nast editors continue to cut costs by taking the subway (gasp!) and biking to work. Wonder if Anna will join in? (The Cut)
Bar Rafaeli and "The Situation" shoot an Interview spread. Yes, we're confused too. (The Crushable)
Missing out on SXSW? Us too, but tons of the acts will be playing on our home turf so we can pretend we were there. (The Rundown)
DIY Lesson: Turn tea bags into curtains. We're not sure if we wanna get that crafty. (Time Out)

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