Erin Wasson Bares It All for Low Luv

While it's not exactly surprising that supermodel extraordinaire Erin Wasson is posing in the buff for the Spring/Holiday campaign for her jewelry line Low Luv, the eclectic inspiration for the collection definitely is. The collection takes creative direction from a grab-bag of cultures, including references to Native American (thunderbird-adorned pieces), Middle Eastern (Evil Eyes galore), and ancient Egyptian iconographies. For the ad campaign, photographer Paola Kudacki played up those Egyptian references, wanting to " 'portrait [Wasson] like a goddess, like Nefertiti.' " Although we can't say what cultural sensitivity issues might be associated with borrowing culturally significant imagery so heavily, we can safely say that the line (and the resulting images) are quite arresting in and of themselves. In describing her design objective, Wasson simply stated, " 'I want pieces that look intense and have meaning.'" If that's the case, then mission accomplished. (

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