How To Get The Most Out Of Your Engagement-Photo Makeup Session

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
With the flurry of checklists, Pinterest boards, spreadsheets, and frankly, headaches that come with wedding prep, planning for your engagement photo shoot can understandably fall by the wayside. But engagement photos aren't just a way to get images for your save the dates. They can also serve as a dry run for your bridal hair and makeup look.
You can use the opportunity to research makeup artists and services in your area and book who you think can create a vibe that feels timeless, pretty, and authentic to who you are. If it doesn't work out? You still have time to course correct and avoid the fate of Marnie in Girls, who ended up looking over-contoured at the hand of her wedding makeup artist.
For tips on how to make every cent of your engagement look count, we talked to Lilit Caradanian, founder of Elcie Cosmetics, and Dean Fournier, pro lead artist for Lorac Los Angeles. Both makeup artists — who have decades of glamming brides under their belts — share their best hacks for getting the most out of engagement makeup, ahead.

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