True West

endovanera_instory1wrap.jpgEven before you see the clothes, Los Angeles menswear label Endovanera (sounds like, but not limited to, "end of an era") has the makings of an all-American classic. Founded in 2005 by David Michael Hershberger and Mitch Moseley, the fledgling label can be traced back to an old Costa Mesa boathouse-turned-studio where Hershberger spent his time hand-sewing custom jeans and where the two designers had their first serendipitous meeting.
"I'd just finished interning at St. John, and really had gotten my fill of corporate fashion," says Moseley. "To see someone else going the independent way was inspiring," he adds.
The two quickly joined forces to launch an expanded line—with Hershberger's by-hand patterns and sewing defining the label's old-world vibe and Moseley's practical perspective making the collections cohesive and wearable.
"The modern design world has really begun to rely on computers for their design process," Mosely says. "To me, it is kind of like the difference between a DJ spinning on vinyl and spinning on a laptop. The laptop gets the point across but vinyl is just so much more real—it has more personality."
A surface survey of this year's fall collection reveals some of the character Moseley is talking about. Inspired by vintage military garments, the weighty trenches, tapered pants, and double-breasted dress shirts feature dark wools and cotton twills that speak via texture and precise tailoring. But the subtle details found in the hand-sewn buttons, ribbon trims, corduroy pockets, and contrasting liners give the authentic vinyl-record quality that could never be factory-made.
With the fall collection ready to hit stores across the country at the end of August, Moseley and Hershberger are busy producing their spring collection, which is no easy feat when you're doing everything on the fly. Yet, the road has its occasional lucky break, and for the design duo the struggle is half of the reward. "We had no idea what we were in for when signing up for this gig," says Moseley. "But not a day passes where we don't feel incredibly fortunate to be doing something we love."
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For L.A. menswear label Endovanera, it's really a new beginning.