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5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 21 2012

With the amazing photograph of Emma Stone "gone goth" at the Spiderman premier in France going viral, we were really happy to see that she landed her third (and totally different styling) magazine cover this month. (Fashionista)
If you think that it is unusually bright out tonight, then you're right — today is the Summer Solstice (a.k.a. the longest day of the year!). In honor of the solstice, InStyle did a feature on 14 long-lasting make-up products that will keep you looking your best all day long! (InStyle)
As if Tuesday's Baldwin fiasco wasn't bad enough (Baldwin attacked a pair of photogs outside of the Marriage License Bureau), he continued hurting his spree yesterday. Baldwin, outside of his apartment building, ran over an InsideEdition reporter's foot with his bike and then used his bike to push the lady away. So, if you're a reporter/photographer, we suggest staying away. (NY Daily News)
In today's edition of 'Tyra Banks tries to act normal,' she opens an office that has a bakery and a planetarium. (The Grindstone)

For a piece (or rather a wedge) of NYC history, stop by the Flatiron Building today for an exciting (and free) Flash-mob piece named "23 Skidoo!," titled as such because
authorities would once call out, '23 Skidoo!' to men who would stop and watch women's skirts blow up in front of the building due to wind. It features 50 dancers and Hanky Panky's cute and colorful lingerie—need we say more? (Cityist)


Photo: Via Fashionista